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Hi! I'm @temptura (he/they), but you can call me Mura!
This is my commissions page for smutty/erotic, NSFW artwork requests & more.
I really enjoy drawing queer + trans characters, anthro characters, OCs, monsters, dongs, & Marvel fanart. I also collect/post silicone fantasy toys (no in-use content).
See my FG Changeling collection over here! 🐛

© temptura. All rights reserved.

STATUS: OPEN as of JUNE 2022
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dong portraits (traditional, digital):

character illustrations (waist-up, ¾-length, full-body, etc.):

pour palette mock-ups:

pour palette lineart:
(please feel free to use for your custom ideas, but do not remove credits, thank you!)

headshot icons:


  • What program do you use? Clip Studio Paint!

  • Do you draw ships? Yes! There's no ship shaming here. However, if I am not comfortable with said ship I will politely decline and ask for alternatives.

  • How come Character X in your fanart is depicted as queer/trans? Being queer/trans is in everything I do even subconsciously. All the media I absorb is through a queer/trans lens, even if canon depicts them otherwise. Plus, it makes me happy!

  • Visual difference between “waist-up” & “¾-length”? Sometimes these can be synonymous, but “¾-length” will mostly mean from the knee/thigh up, especially if it emphasizes a detail past the waist; dress, garters, lingerie, etc.

  • Why do you collect fantasy silicone toys? I think they're neat! They really are pieces of art & I enjoy seeing all the different, unique shapes & pours.

  • When did you start collecting fantasy silicone toys? Sometime in May of 2021! I had acquired one or two toys prior to that out of curiosity but had no idea of the amazing community it created that led me towards collecting. 💖

  • Are you available for an art collaboration or design for my shop? I would be honored! Send me an email to discuss further & for a custom quote. Keep in mind that at this time, I do not have any capabilities for 3-D model rendering, but would be more than happy to draft a 2-D model sheet of your toy &/or character.

  • Is it OK if I tag you in the commission you did? Yes, of course! However, please do not tag any non-fictional people (celebrities, actors, etc.) to my fanart. ^^; Tagging dong makers of my fanart is cool.

  • Am I allowed to use my commission as reference to commission another artist? Oh, absolutely! That's what it's for. No need to tag me there. :)

  • May I use your artwork as my icon/banner? Yes, please credit/tag me in your bio~

Commission Queue:

STATUS: OPEN as of JUNE 2022
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Please know it may take (1) to (8) weeks for all commissions!

@RallythebeastRally OCHeadshot icon💸
@And-Pixie-DustPurra (XenoCat Artifacts)Dong Portrait
@ShopDad2Top SecretTop SecretN/A
@lovely_babygirlxxFantasy Grove's JacobiDong Portrait (digital)

💌 = awaiting payment
🖼️ = editing

💸 = paid
✨ = completed

🎨 = in progress
📦 = shipped